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Domestic Cleaners London

With busy working lives the time to clean your home from top to bottom is simply not available to most nowadays.

Our ethos is simple…we’re hands on.

We take your instruction as to how many hours you want, what you want, and we jump! Simple stuff domestic cleaners in London do.

We generally work in teams, so that means we’re in and out with the minimum of fuss, and we use our own materials and equipment so you don’t need to provide anything (unless you prefer we use your products)

Domestic Cleaning You Can Rely On!

We do all the normal stuff, the vacuuming, dusting etc… but we can also include ironing, bed changing, ovens, inside windows, anything you want.

  • Our friendly staff are all full-time employees
  • We’re insured, fully trained and supervised
  • We use our own materials and equipment

You can have domestic cleaners in London for as long or as short as you need, and as frequently as you want. Either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or just as a ‘one off’.

Now you can be free on the weekends, and have a clean house!

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